It seems that the S&P and Dow just can’t keep the party going. Have the green shoots, our beloved V-shaped recovery from March 2009 finally withered away? Have we tired of those hip, rose-colored glasses manufactured by our creditors in Shenzhen?

The S&P has been met with continual selling pressure and can’t stay above 2000. The Dow has stalled at 17000 and is now gasping for breath like a mortgage underwriter fighting negative-rock-bottom.

So it should be no surprise that insiders have been eager as ever to unload stocks the last 3 days. Executives who have a clear, real-time view of their underlying businesses are throwing in the towel at a ratio of 7 sales for every buy.

The recent data and numbers are below. Now firmly into the second Season of Yellen, the question on everybody’s minds remains: how low can she go, to keep that punch bowl overflowed?

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