Clif High’s YouTube channel has nearly 10,000 subscribers. He’s a trusted source on myriads of topics, including precious metals and crypto-currencies. His irreverent predictions have led him to appearances on celebrated alternative information radio programs such as Coast to Coast, which is beamed to a worldwide audience for under ten cents a month.

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He recently took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss his predictions for the coming months in the world of the silver price. Compare Silver Prices supplies regular precious metals price predictions from the world’s leading sources. Last month, we brought you a discussion with famed silverologist David Morgan (see here).

In his discussion with CSP, Mr. High opened up about some MAJOR developments formulating NOW in the precious metals world; in particularly, silver.

“Data makes me think [silver is going to $120] as it is an issue of a predicate calculus equation for emotional values of each, the dollar, and silver,” Mr High told Janet for CompareSilverPrices. “Dollar going down, thus silver must go up. Plus silver is gaining new emotional values for both intensity and duration that will carry it over the 2020’s as real money.”

For those who harbor doubts about the futurologists’ predictions – such as monumental silver price gains – Mr. High preaches patience.

“Ah, youth,” he wrote off our question. “Learn to cultivate patience, or as is said in prisons:Learn to do the time, don’t let the time do you.”

In a recent video delving into bitcoin, gold and silver data, as well as general economic developments, Mr. High predicted $20 up days in silver. He focuses on what he calls “immediacy data sets” which are details for upcoming price changes. He thinks in terms of three days, but admits the models he uses could be off by as much as four weeks. Generally, the data he uses burns out in a few days. And, as we’ve seen in his last month of predictions, sometimes real world events (such as bankruptcy of Bitfinex) can change the silver price.

As Mr. High predicted, it’s been quite an eventful summer in terms of economic events. And the data isn’t showing an economy getting any better.

“We’ve had a summer of chaos,” Mr. High says in a recent video. “Riots, social earthquake, we even had the gas leak.”

Mr. High, whose website features links to news sources, foresees that such events leading to a “general freakout” which will bid silver up. This includes the devastating effects of climate change.

“At the moment,” he said while kneeling in a garden his latest video, “we got some real shit coming our way and we got to get real and stay real.”

His deep research into data sets portends MASSIVE gains in bitcoin, gold and silver. All three of these safe-haven assets will increase in price so much that, if the graphs were a hill, they’d be too steep for humans to canvas.

Although Mr. High’s recent price predictions – silver would head towards $1,000 – have been put on delay due to Bitfinex’s $65 million hack, his long-term predictions for bitcoin of $4,000 remain for reasons such as dollar problems, riots, food shortages and lack of confidence in political systems.

“That’s where we’re at,” Mr. High might say, who believes silver is in a better position to make great gains than Bitcoin in the immediate term. He is a fan of Bitcoin.

In fact, he believes that, along with a cryptocurrency, silver will soon be money!

“Silver on its own starts as money in 2017. In Asia. SE likely Philippines,” the YouTube star imparted.

What about his $600 an oz silver forecast from data sets in 2003?

“Talked about it on Coast to Coast then,” he recalls. “Still get lots of heat for it. Still pending in data. However, the $600 per oz price is but a transit on the way to parity with gold.”

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