Zombucks Walker from Provident Metals

Stacking ag-47 just got a little bit scarier...

Keeping up with the Silver-Stackin’ Joneses just got a little bit scarier. Seemingly out of nowhere, Provident Metals announced a brand new and rather unsettling coin: the 2017 Zombucks silver round (minted in ’13, which is sure to confuse). Currently exclusive to their product catalogue, the Zombucks coin has already proven to be a crowd pleaser and can be had for a mere $1.99 over spot.

The face of the well-received coin is a Lady Liberty–unfortunately having fallen to the pestilence. Done up in a true survivalist silver fashion, the back bears the image of the radioactive symbol. For any silver bugs who thought that this round was merely a joke–handle with care, stackers!

Residing somewhere in-between the semi-numismatic and collectible realms, these limited edition zombies are sure to command a premium in years to come as people look for ways to diversify their bullion holdings. I picked up a couple on sale and am looking forward to seeing what other iterations the Provident team has in store for us, as current info seems to indicate they will be releasing a new collectible coin each quarter through 2015.

Given the success of the Chris Duane Freedom Girl coins, currently fetching a hefty 3-5$ premium in private sales, and other limited-run private mint products, it is only natural that we begin to see large bullion sellers stepping into the relatively untapped-niche of silver stacking souvenirs. While it’s not clear who is actually producing the silver coins for Provident, I can almost certainly guarantee it isn’t the Mulligan Mint! What a story that is… if you haven’t been paying attention, rumor and federal legal proceedings are suggesting that Mulligan Mint (maker of the Chris Duane silver rounds) owes Republic Metals a whopping 71,000 ounces of silver.

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