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Before the dust settles on the MF Global debacle, the story will have changed numerous times. This week the media trumpets that ex-Chief Executive Officer Jon Corzine— a former senator—simply did not know much about the day-to-day operations at the more than two century old transnational brokerage firm. But, as increasing amounts of information become available, and the people begin to look closer at the firms bankruptcy, the so-called “masters of the universe” who are intertwined in the MF Global mess could, once again, turn against one of their own, as the investigation turns the heat up on allied financial institutions, who hitherto had been portrayed as victims of the mess.

Corzine told the Senate Agriculture Committee on Tuesday that he had “no reason to believe” that customer funds had been misused until the night of October 30, less than 24 hours before his former company filed for bankruptcy. Funny that, millions of people who have concerned themselves with the truth of the global financial system—that is that it is built upon a 300+ year ponzi scheme based on voodoo economics with absolutely no real underlying assets except for the success of propaganda in public schools on the television and in the keystone newspapers—could not be surprised that an english-originated brokerage firm had a business model based on larceny and grand theft. In fact, even those individuals without much concern in regards to the inner-workings of the global plantation were not surprised that an illuminist transnational corporation had been defrauding its own customers—after all, most of the world does indeed bank at one of these illuminist transnational banks, and thus knows that patronage equals fleecing in an unfree world.

“I never directed anyone at MF Global to misuse customer funds,” Corzine said Tuesday. “I never intended to, and as far as I’m concerned, I never gave instructions that anybody could misconstrue.”

What could “as far as I’m concerned” possibly mean in this context? Is this “in my opinion”; is this “as far as it matters to me”; or perhaps it is “in as much as it effects me.” What kind of psychological pussy-footing around is this? Corzine might be a champion for his master’s cause, global financial consolidation and the imposition of a new austere way for society, but he is a terrible actor. He maybe would have made the cut for a B-rated porno movie in the late1970s, but that is a big, big maybe, for he probably wouldn’t have been of the physical stature in the first place.

The CEO of any company should be concerned as far as any of the customers were concerned, and since he claims to have not known what was going on with their money—something with which the customers obviously were and are concerned—should be jailed for criminal negligence based on the fact that he was the CEO—the company’s lead decision maker. But, as I mentioned before, he knew plenty. Generally, all markets today have been befallen by moral hazard, and this is something everyone can see.

I’m sure AT&T, or whatever transnational telecommunication company his MF Global office used, has plenty of taped phone conversations that could spark a revolution by a well-to-do former MF Global clientele, many of whom might be among the Occupy Movement’s despised 1%. If Occupiers take home any lesson from the MF Global grand theft, it’s that they share an enemy with many in the 1%, even if many on both sides of the percentages don’t realize this.

Jon Corzine is the product of the incest of power and his abilities to get in touch with his inner human are retarded by the inebriation of vantage. The ruling culture he gathers for cocktails acts on a daily basis from one axiom: anything goes. And they don’t care about people—they care about the agamous “aphrodisiac” known as power.

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