Johnson Matthey is known for its high-quality precious metals — a name investors have learned to trust. Many people buying gold and silver look for the JM stamp on their coveted bars as a sign of quality and legitimacy. But, recent news relayed to Bernank might be having bullion collectors eyeing their JMs a little more closely.

A source has told Bernank that Sunshine Mint has teamed up with Johnson Matthey to produce a line of silver bullion products. Johnson Matthey is apparently supplying the silver, and Sunshine Mint is in charge of operating the presses.

This realization is qualified by the Provident website for the new 1 oz silver JM Bar:

“Provident Metals is pleased to carry mint fresh Johnson Matthey 1-Ounce Silver Bars. These BRAND NEW Johnson Matthey Bars come to you sealed in plastic and have been newly-manufactured, licensed and released by a third party company, the Sunshine Mint. Purchasing one of these Johnson Matthey Silver Bars proves a savvy investment decision, diversifying your portfolio without breaking the bank.”

What do you think about this? Are the new Sunshine minted Johnson Matthey bars truly Johnson Matthey? Or has the brand been tarnished via the press outsourcing to Sunshine?


  1. J Matthey tarnished by outsourcing to Sunshine, the same Sunshine that provides the silver blanks for the US Mint silver eagles. Sunshine Mining & mint, a great company!!!

  2. The Sunshine mint has a long honest reputation so I don’t see it as a problem. With that said. An ounce of .999 Ag is all the same if it is .999 Ag. Why pay more for a name? I won’t pay a premium for a name. I buy ASE’s and some generic rounds when the price is right. Same with gold. An ounce of gold is an ounce of gold unless you are dealing with something rare. My $22(adjusted for inflation).

  3. I don’t think that a company subcontracting the manufacture of a 1-oz bar or coin product is an issue. I’ve had substantial business dealings with both companies, and do not fear that this is an issue.

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