1. Tried these guys on recent order and no problems at all. They had some silver coins that were hard to find, and their prices were excellent. Will order again from them in the future. Good packaging and order received in reasonable shipping time. Very good buying experience!

    1. Looked at buying from them. showed they had the cheapest prices. When I tried to process a purchase found the real price was almost one dollar higher. Not real accurate .

      1. Were you trying to pay with credit card? The prices quoted on CompareSilverPrices are for checks only (and don’t include the extra mark-up when paying by credit card).


        1. You have raised your prices to go with a falling silver market. That’s unacceptable! You’ve raised the price asked above spot by nearly $2.00? That makes us all question the character and integrity of you and all lg. Silver dealers

  2. I have tried seven different Internet dealers and although I have not really had a BAD experience with very many, seems to have the best prices, best feedback about your purchase, quickest shipping, secure / discreet packaging, and best overall experience. Other dealers I have had good experiences with are APMEX, SD Bullion, Liberty, JM Bullion, and Providence, but I think my overall choice is I made some of my first purchases through Lear Capital and their shipping costs were a killer. I mean in the hundreds of dollars for a green suitcase. Don’t know if they’ve changed their prices because I’ve never been back to them and don’t plan to.

  3. Beware of I have done business with them before and not had an issue, in fact they are normally fast with good product. This time, I made an order, sent check same day. Keep in mind that they have a policy that you have to send check same business day and if it is not received within ten days your order is cancelled and your card is charged for market losses if any. Well, prices had gone down, so I did no want that to happen, and my order was over $3000, I called every day or two and they would have me hold while they ‘talked to accounting’. Repeatedly there was no record of my mailed check and the status of the order was ‘waiting for check’. At day 11 I finally asked what I should do to prevent the order from being cancelled and my card charged. The lady said I could change it to a wire order and pay immediately. So with a wire order you have 1 day, but a 1 day order costs $10 at my bank (Bank of America). She assured me that if my existing check was received, it would not be deposited. Well, the very next day after my $3000 wire clears, so does my check, but no record of it on my account! The check had to have already been in process to clear by the next day, as I now have an image of the cleared check on my Bank of America account. On my previous order the status changed the day the got my check while they waited for it to clear, not this time!
    Lets hope this is an honest mistake on their part not Fraud! I will post back how the try and fix this when they open after the Thanksgiving weekend here in a fe, but I have just had $3000 taken from my account that I did not expect, even with the Check stopped, because the had already deposited it. Note also that the address they give you is a UPS Store, not a real corporate HQ, but I assume you could serve them with papers there as the UPS store must be acting as their agent.

    1. Just a follow up on my debacle. Thanks to one sharp guy at who was kind enough to push through a refund on my second payment, I am now nearly whole. Here is my advice because I acknowledge that their prices are so often better on private silver rounds that they are the best option: send checks UPS with signature receipt, then even if it has been more than ten days and they have not deposited your check, there is no question that it was delivered.
      They have some process issues with the time it takes to get a check deposited after receiving it, and don’t do well with variations to their process, but they deliver good product and have reasonable people manning their phones, just be more patient than I was so you don’t have to be patient without double your money. I want to thank Bernank for providing a feedback mechanism to other buyers to help us all make the best decisions!

  4. Bought from and wired the money and the goods were here the next day, you talk about fast, I was impressed. Paid exactly what was advertised on

  5. Have had numerous transactions over two years. I was buying a second home. I decided to sell my gold fr down payment. I had two 1oz bars from OPM. Refinery at Dallas had an issue with them. Immediately called My order number and all transaction invoice on my Ipad. I was met with excuse after excuse. Never got passed the first sales rep. All answers relayed to me via the sale rep. I was told it was refineries fault, the blending, etc, etc. The other 12 oz from other sources tested fine. After bars brought back, the man buying them decided to do an acid test with my permission. Instead of being 24k, they tested out only 22k. Reduction of $414 off both bars. had a chance to do the right thing but their main defense was to tell me contact OPM even though sold them to me. Not a stand up company, VERY WEAK backbone.
    BEWARE and stay away. Just my experience.

  6. Quick processing and shipping but when my order arrived the printed invoice price and my emailed and credit card charge differed. Although, I paid the right price I found odd that such a simple mistake happen.

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