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Great Site

Feb 05, 2013 by Ross Owens

I have bought 20 ounces of silver from these guys on two occasions. The first time I bought 15 of their 1-ounce round or bar "Omnia" product. This was great as you can purchase 1 ounce and get free shipping, or you can buy 15 and get free shipping (may not be available now). Shipping was pretty reasonable, I think I waited a little over 2 weeks for my package to arrive. Customer service was great too.

Great products!

Feb 04, 2013 by Chance Goddard

I haven't ordered recently, but a while back I used these guys. They have WONDERFUL products and a nice staff. Highly recommended.

Compare Silver Prices Online , USA 4.4 5.0 12 12 I have purchased 30oz from them and I'm planning on getting more in the future. I really liked how easy the site was to navigate. Also, they take payment via paypal, which was sup

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