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Fast, reliable, good prices

May 21, 2019 by Nico K

I have made many successful transactions with Provident. Usually o e of the best prices among other internet dealers.


Mar 14, 2019 by Robert Mulvanny

I have ordered many times from Provident and they have provided great customer service. But I have recently been disappointed to find out that items listed on are frequently sold out or are otherwise unavailable. As an example, a 1 oz gold bar was listed at $1327, but when linking to their site, the cheapest bar that's available from Provident was $1233. If advertised bars are not available, they should not be listed as the "best price" on

reliable good experience

Feb 02, 2017 by jeff

I had a few transactions with them. I bought some gold and it arrived as described in a timely mannner- NO problems

Recommend Highly

Apr 16, 2016 by SED


Easiest to order

Dec 11, 2015 by Chuck Hurley

Ordering is fast and easy. Shop their sales (which are often). Ordering more than $99.00 gets you free shipping. Pay by check and wait about three weeks for shipment. Want faster shipping? It will cost more and really one can wait an extra few days.

Spot price alows .08+ in their favor

Oct 02, 2015 by Bob

If I go to Kitco, or this site and look at the current price per once of
silver, then compare it with Provident, they are reporting a price they use for the basis for their prices of at least 8 cents per ounce in their favor. It is NEVER the other way.

Recommend Highly

Apr 06, 2015 by Phil Delor

I have had 7 orders with Provident so far and have had all great experiences with them. Quality of products shipped has been excellent, especially the Morgan Silver dollars. Have purchased mostly a variety of 1 oz. coins and rounds. All packages have been securely wrapped and arrived in a timely manner. Their website is easy to use and they will do an E-check order, which saves a few days waiting for checks to arrive and clear. They offer some excellent 1 oz. rounds that they produce exclusively. Check out the detail on their Prospector round! They also are great sources for Air-Tites, scales, and magnifiers,too. Always a pleasure to order from them. Always order some pre-1965 constitutional silver U.S. coins in each order and have gotten nice dimes, quarters and halves, definitely not "junk" or slicks. Their selection and prices have been very competitive. Good people.

Good experiences with Provident

Dec 01, 2014 by Phil

Have had 6 orders filled and no complaints so far. Very competitive prices, larger selection, and well packaged,too. Outstanding detailed silver rounds by their mint. Wish they could clear a check faster. Usually very conservative on Morgans, nicer than expected! Easy website to navigate.

Reliable and Responsible

Aug 01, 2014 by Chris

Have used several online dealers. I tried Provident being they had the best price inclusive of shipping. My order was processed much the same as any other reputable dealer. However, I had a problem with the postal service in my case, the postal worker signed for the package himself and left it in my box. You can imagine my horror to get a note from Provident indicating signed and delivered when it was surely not. I initiated a claim process and they were thoroughly professional and I had no concern with there insurance and tracking promises. I found my order on my desk after my 6 year old brought in the mail the day before. What a relief, no fault to Provident, intact, they shined thoroughly through the incident. I will patron them again as long as they remain competitive on

Excellent Company!

Nov 22, 2013 by bigjoe

I have bought a lot of stuff from Provident. They are very reliable. Never had one problem with them. Maybe 25 orders so far. Only once was one item back ordered and took an extra week. It was when silver spiked and I totally understand the shortage. They also seem to have a larger selection of products than the other companies.

Compare Silver Prices Online , USA 4.7 5.0 27 27 I have made many successful transactions with Provident. Usually o e of the best prices among other internet dealers.


  1. I have purchased a number of times from Provident, I do look around and find that more often than not, Provident will be the better price if you consider shipping as well. I do have to wait for the check to clear, but I understand that. Good people, good service.

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