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Liberty CPM Over committed

May 14, 2013 by Vince McG

I am trying to get through my first transaction with LIBERTY COIN & PRECIOUS METALS. So far I am very disappointed. I placed my order for $9500 in silver Eagles on 4/4/2013. Web site was nicely done and efficient. My order was “LOCKED IN”. My bank check was cashed 4/9/2013. After 10 days I was about to have my order shipped, and I called “DAVID” at the Ariz office and he said he was the manager there. I told him I was going away for a few days and asked the shipment be rescheduled. He said he would have it rescheduled for Monday, May 6, 2013. He immediately sent me an email so stating. On the seventh, I called Ariz to speak with David. He was on vacation. I sent an e-mail to operations at CPM asking for status. No reply (not even to this day). I called the office 0n 5/8/2013 and spoke with Ruth and she said they had no silver eagles and expected some next week. I explained that David committed to a ship date of my order on 5/6/2013 for silver ordered on 4/4 and paid for on 4/9 and it was in stock at the time. She said David was on vacation until next week but she would have the company president call me. He never did. When I spoke with her again on 5/13 she said she had given him the message but he was expected to be out and transferred me to their call center again. I spoke with Arz on 5/13 and they said David was still out and would be in 5/14. On 5/14 David would not be in until 9. At noon Marie took my call in Ariz and said David would not be in. She was familiar with my several calls and knew who I was. I complained that they should not be advertising “In Stock” ,taking orders, accepting payment, and committing to a shipment date and re-allocating my purchased merchandise to another customer and shipping it ahead of me without any notification or adjustment. Marie put me on hold and came back in a few minutes with another ship date of 5/15. I kept explaining how inappropriate their process was to advertise in-stock, accept orders, cash checks, promise an explicit ship date, fail to deliver, and feel no accountability and as the acting manager in Ariz (sitting in for David) said “If you have a problem with availability, call the US Mint”. Although the people seemed courteous, they also were over confident and arrogant. There was no follow-up.. I was told I only ordered $9500 while they had multi million dollar orders they were processing. That’s all they would reply to their process problems was that there was an out of stock situation. They completely ignored any problems with false mis-leading advertising and missed committed ship dates.
I’m holding my breath waiting for something positive to happen. They seemed overly excited about opening their new office in IRVINE, CA today. I believe they have internal problems that need to be addressed first and it seems perhaps their reach is exceeding their grasp.

Liberty CPM: Legit.

Apr 11, 2013 by oddball

Best prices I've found yet. Love the online setup. Next time I will likely wire my payment to skip the 10 day check clearing hold.

From the site: "None of the representatives with whom you speak receives a commission from any trade. Their opinions are from their own hearts, and they do not gain financially from your transaction, although of course they want an honest precious metals dealer, such as Liberty Coin & Precious Metals, to continue to grow. Our premiums are designed so as to guarantee every one of our customers can get the lowest price on their precious metals purchase."

LCPM is the only online dealer I will do business for the foreseeable future.

Great Prices, Great Service

Feb 20, 2013 by Steve Tracy

I live in central Idaho so I can not walk into a local bullion dealer and order. I found Liberty on the SGTreport website. I have placed five orders so far with them and every transaction has been smooth and easy. My last two transactions have been through their online ordering system. Much easier to use than other online companies!

My Go To Company

Feb 07, 2013 by Ralph J,

I use to use Apmex for years and then I found Liberty. Liberty, like Apmex, has great service along with a friendly and helpful staff. I switched to Liberty because their prices are a LOT better. This is my go to company now!

My personal favorite

Feb 05, 2013 by rhalliwell1

This is my go-to dealer for bullion silver. They seem to have the lowest silver price on the net, speedy delivery and an easy to use website. Like all online shops it is worth making larger purchases so the shipping fee is distributed across many ozt. The one encounter I have had with their customer support team (CA) was pleasant - I had to cancel an order and they were understanding.

Liberty has great prices

Feb 05, 2013 by Jeremy

Liberty has some of the best prices i have seen. they also have reasonable shipping though it can be a little slow. I will order from them again

Slow and Steady

Feb 05, 2013 by Joe Henderek

Although APMEX might be more expensive they tend to be alittle faster with order processing and delivery. Although they do exactly as the advertise and have great customer service.

Great Company

Feb 05, 2013 by Justin Rohal

Made a decent sized purchase last year with them. The silver was great, and the customer service was great. Shipping was a little slower than I would have liked, but maybe I was just too anxious to get some new silver. Since then they have added new features to their website such as the ability to purchase online without having to call. I highly recommend them.

Compare Silver Prices Online , USA 4.1 5.0 8 8 I am trying to get through my first transaction with LIBERTY COIN & PRECIOUS METALS. So far I am very disappointed. I placed my order for $9500 in silver Eagles on 4/4/2013. We


  1. FYI, I think this company is either closed or in the process of closing. Beware. I personally had used them in the early 2013 time frame for multiple orders with no issues whatsoever. It appears however that they have since encountered financial difficulties. So check the BBB and other sites before using them (if they are still conducting business). The postings that I have seen are particularly bad.

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