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Our goal is to be the kind of dealer we’ve always wanted to trade with; to be in stock, ship fast, be fair & reasonable, and operate honestly and efficiently. BGASC is an Official PCGS Dealer, member of the Certified Coin Exchange (CCE), an NGC Collector’s Society Member, and a Bulk Purchaser of United States Mint non-bullion coins. We have no complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Every single package we ship is sent fully insured for its time in transit, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. Customers all across the country have quickly come to recognize BGASC as one of the largest, fastest, most trusted online precious metals suppliers in the U.S. Read reviews on’s website

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Oct 01, 2018 by Thon Ati

I have made several purchases on the website. They offer a great assortment at great prices. I love the "Buy Silver @ Spot" offer. I have used this offer over 5 times this year when Silver Spot was 14.00~14.20. Superfast shipping too.

One time I made a purchase and cancelled my order. This was my mistake. They called me and I told them what happened. They could have banned me but they just scolded me a little and we moved on.

Please buy from this company. You will not be disappointed.


Sep 03, 2017 by Gary L Darland

Great service. Quick delivery. Their return label is discreet so the deliver service does not know what they delivered. Best place to buy silver usually at the lowest price. The have always matched anybody else's price.

HONEST, Easy to deal with & recently lowest price

Feb 02, 2017 by jeff

I have had many transactions with BGASC and even though they are a smaller company their price, service and communication is great. They really try to fix any problems fairly & as possible.
Martin, states he is one of the owners, and is really a top notch.stand up guy. BGASC is my PREFERRED supplier however a dollar is a dollar so lowest price still dictates supplier assuming the company is good. If it is close I will always give them a chance to match pricing. When they can they have matched prices in the past on big orders when possible.


Aug 10, 2016 by Marycat- Phoenix, Z

After researching 32 online PM companies in depth over a period of 14 months (including performance, complaints, owner/manager expertise, client reviews and personal customer service interactions), I’ve come to trust BGASC as the best place to do business. Martin & crew are a low-key but extremely professional group of knowledgeable, polite and savvy precious metals experts with the best overall prices, including a great selection of foreign bullion bars and coins, especially 1 oz. gold bars from Credit Suisse. (I didn’t investigate numismatics.) Shipping was quick and secure, and selling back to them was a piece of cake (they buy back at spot, without any fees). Tamara is a great asset to the customer service department. If you’ve done your homework and want to be treated as an intelligent, appreciated client without the hard sell or smarmy attitude, this is your best bet.

Not new from mint!

Jan 23, 2016 by Pete

Packaging was excellent.. Purchased Johnson Matthey silver kilo bar, they stated on their website that the bar was "new from the mint" but when I received it, it was absolutely not "new". The bar looked like someone used it for a tack hammer for years. The whole front was covered in small dents. If I could insert a picture I would, in this case a picture would speak a thousand words. Completely insulted that they would send a bar in this horrible shape to anybody.

Beachmark of Dealers

Dec 29, 2015 by David Christensen

Have had a few of dealings with BGASC and have had no problems. Always get nervous when the ship date is 30 days out when ordered, but PM's left when they said they would and arrived in great shape. Their are my benchmark of dealers.

The Num. 1 Dealer Out There!

Oct 01, 2015 by Andy

No seriously, this dealer is the best there is. VERY fast. VERY good customer service. Excellent prices both selling and buying. I've done business with probably 4-5 dealers over the years and just completed my second deal with BGASC and I'm seriously wondering if I'll ever do business with anyone else ever again. They're that good.

Had to modify my order both times. Got an accommodating, friendly reply email within an hour both times. Had to add something to an order last minute; no problem for BGASC! Did an exchange of items. Got my my items for sale in the mail Friday, got the new stuff Thursday! Seriously! (Compare 2-3 weeks for most places.) Got the email they were sending items Wednesday, got it next day!

These people are Amazing, Fantastic, Great! I love BGASC!

In the interest of honesty though I should mention one issue I have with BGASC. They have higher minimums to sell to them than others do. Most dealers have a $1,000 minimum to sell to them regardless of items. This translates to about 50 oz silver, a 1 oz gold coin or maybe 8 1/10th oz gold coins. BGASC wants 5 1oz or 20 1/10th gold coins or 200 oz silver of any kind minimum. I understand their reasons for doing this, but it makes them a bit more inconvenient compared to other dealers. Still, 4.9/5!

Awesome service!

Sep 12, 2014 by Steve

From order to delivery, less than 48 hours!!

Fast shipping, but...

Feb 09, 2014 by JT

I really wanted BGASC to be my main bullion source, but my first order made me change my mind. The price listed for buying three rolls of silver eagles was about $7 cheaper per roll, so I decided to save a little money and I ordered three. Unfortunately, I wasn't given the quantity discount and was charged the same price as if I had purchased just one. I contacted customer service through their web site, but that was over a week ago, and they have not replied. It's not that $21 is a lot of money, it's just the principle of getting overcharged and then being ignored by customer service that bothers me.

On a positive note, they are one of the faster shippers, have good prices and a nice web site.

My Experience

Nov 13, 2013 by Sloane Freeman

I needed 33 1/10th oz Gold Eagles for an anniversary gift and I needed them NOW! Blanchard, Monex, and the other highly touted dealers wanted weeks instead of the few days I had to have the coins delivered. By a stroke of luck I came across BGASC on the internet and their promise of most orders ship next day. I placed my order and crossed my fingers all would be well. As luck would have it, I received an email saying they had but 32 of the needed coins, but a shipment would arrive Monday and my order would be filled immediately. I needed them by the 14th and this was the 7th with a weekend and Memorial Day on Monday the 11th. I was assured that not only would BGASC be open, but the delivery would be made. Well, the folks at BGASC were there bright and early, but UPS, after certifying the shipment would arrive, never showed up. But that did not stop BGASC. They overnighted me what coins they had available, and the next day when they finally received their order, did the same thing again. I had delivery by 9 am each morning and all the coins in time for our 32nd wedding anniversary. I wanted my wife to know how much she meant to me with a gold coin for each of the 32 golden years we have spent together, with the 33rd coin to be put on her charm bracelet so she has a constant reminder of the gift.
Without BGASC's absolute dedication to their customers needs, this gift would not have been possible to deliver on time. Everyone there made my problem their problem and kept in constant contact throughout the process. If you deal with anyone else, give them a try and see how they compare. If you are looking for a dealer like I was, look no further. You will find more than a coin and gold dealer here, you will find folks who will treat you like a favored friend.

sloane freeman
november 13, 2013

Compare Silver Prices Online , USA 4.5 5.0 10 10 I have made several purchases on the website. They offer a great assortment at great prices. I love the "Buy Silver @ Spot" offer. I have used this offer over 5 times t


  1. I have placed multiple orders with BGASC and have not had any issues. My only quibble, and its a me problem – lol, is they take about a week to clear a check. Luckily I am not in that huge of a hurry so not a big deal to me

    otherwise they have competitive prices when you consider metal plus shipping costs

    Chris Kobeck

  2. I have had several orders with BGASC, no issues, fast service, good prices that are usually close to the best price. I usually buy the lowest price private mint silver, so I don’t always go with BGASC, but their prices are close enough that if I like the design, the quantity warrants it, or if I am getting a product that I cannot get elsewhere,I will go with them. I have purchased private mint one ounce rounds, junk silver US mint ATB 5 oz coins and other products, always great.
    One comment on check clearing time post by Chris Kobeck post, actually ALL dealers wait until your check clears, so that is not a valid complaint as otherwise you can cancel the check or it could be fraudulent. Keep Stackin’.

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