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Feb 05, 2013 by Louis

APMEX was a satisfactory dealer for me. I bought 21 eagles, tube plus one to hold, and they were great! Shiny, quick enough,and very informative. I used a money order and it cleared right when they got it. Only problem is they are rather pricey, both on premiums and shipping.

Not bad overall.

Feb 04, 2013 by Chance Goddard

Shipping can be kind of expensive, but they carry a huge variety of products. Prices are reasonable and their customer service is much better than most. Overall I would recommend them to anyone.

slightly confusing, slightly expensive, but good overall

Feb 04, 2013 by Seth

I recently purchased a 2.5 Peso gold coin and $1 face value in silver coins from Apmex.com's e-bay center. The e-bay interface was much harder to use than the standard apmex website, but I chalk that up to e-bay rather than apmex. I was eventually able to find everything I wanted and to purchase using paypal (which allowed me to bypass the process of transferring funds from paypal to my bank, then purchasing through my bank account). The process was simple and painless once I found my items. The only downside was that my local coin store charges 24x face for silver coins and I can mix and match, while apmex was charging 26.5x and would only send either dimes or quarters, but not both in a single dollar. That wasn't too bad, though, and I'm still mostly pleased.

APMEX takes care of you

Feb 04, 2013 by Will D.

I trust APMEX to sell what they say they are selling.
They ship just about anything, have most things in stock, and will buy back items they have sold you or you have found elsewhere.
I was happy when I dealt with them.

Not the best prices

Feb 04, 2013 by bernank

APMEX.com has a ton of products, kookaburras etc, but mainly their prices are too high for the more standard goods

Compare Silver Prices Online , USA 3.9 5.0 35 35 I have ordered many times from Apmex. Sometimes they ship in a reasonable amount of time but there have been several orders that have taken SEVERAL WEEKS after they got the wire tr


  1. I have enjoyed Apmex with dozens of orders over a few years period. They were the first and only dealer I had the courage to deal with. I enjoyed free shipping having earned a platinum status with them. I found there reasonable although not impressively quick to ship. They held my checks for maximum periods although clearing was instant. I have found them not to be as competitive as most other dealers online for buying, but they are one of the few dealers who will purchase, and that has value to me being that someday I will want to sell some of my purchases. Probably one of the most established and reputable dealers there are, especially having there own issue of bullion. Highly recommended but you can usually save a percent or 2 with other dealers.

  2. In my judgement, Apmex (bought from them for more than $100K over the past 10 years) is one of the best online dealers. The quality of their packaging and the reliability of their service is in my opinion worth the small premium they charge over the competition. After 10 years of dealing with them, I have never had any complaint. But I had many returns with other online dealers. I finally decided to play it safe and to deal only with Apmex. The additional peace of mind is in my opinion worth the small additional premium. I can not follow the previous reviewers of Apmex. These reviews are in my opinion biased.

  3. I’ve placed several orders with APMEX and had nothing but great experiences. I always order at least 25oz of gold and/or 500oz of silver each order, so I get good prices (within $1/oz of best price for gold, and $0.02/oz for silver) and never pay for shipping. Plus, delivery is always just 2 or 3 days (except for large silver orders, which are shipped by ground and therefore take close to a week). I’ve always paid by wire-transfer.

    After reading other reviews and checking their claims, it does appear customers who buy small quantities of gold or silver can get somewhat better prices elsewhere, and sometimes save on shipping. This doesn’t impact me, but might impact you. I much prefer the APMEX product selection too, though I never buy odd, rare, fancy or sophisticated items (I pretty much stick to 1oz gold pamp bars, 1oz buffalos, and attractive but super-low premium 1oz rounds and 10oz silver rounds and bars).

    For people like me, APMEX can’t be beat. For small orders, they may be a bit more expensive than the 2 or 3 cheapest suppliers (based on reviews of other dealers in this website). But APMEX is huge, and gives every indication they are highly dependable, which matters very much to me on such important transactions.

  4. I have been purchasing products from Apmex for years and find them outstanding. With bullion dealers going out of business, you have to be very carefull who you order from. Prices are important, but delivery is everything.

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