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Ampex. Expensive yet reliable

Feb 06, 2013 by Brad W.

I just started stacking and since i see the banner for apmex on a lot of websites, i thought it was a good place to start. It seems that It has higher premium then other sites. Ive also noticed that the shipping was kind of expensive. I purchased a few ASE's and probably wont buy any more.

Quality offerings, buy in bulk

Feb 06, 2013 by James Rathz

APmex has a great selection, and generally has most products that you want in stock. As most people have mentioned, the shipping charges are higher; however in my opinion you are paying a premium for the fact they are reputable. Try buying about $200 to make it worth shipping.


Feb 06, 2013 by SirT

APMEX has a great selection of gold and silver products. However, their premiums are silly and their shipping is over priced. If you pay with a check it takes weeks to get your order and if you pay with a credit card they charge you even more. The kicker is you cant wire them money unless you spend over 5,000 or something. Which leaves you those two more inconvenient options. This company is huge and their customer service shows that. I ordered once from them and wont again unless they have something I can't find elsewhere.

If you've got the cash. You're paying the premium.

Feb 06, 2013 by Charlie

Not particularly one of my favorites as a small time stacker. You're paying a higher premium and shipping is higher unless your dropping more than $25k on pm's.
I would've given 3 stars but I added one more because I do love the text/email alerts for target prices. It helps to buy and sell at just the right time.

Quality Products, Fast (but expensive) Shipping

Feb 05, 2013 by Matt

APMEX is a legitimate PM company that offers quality products. You don't have to worry about getting substandard products and the actual entity not matching the picture, etc. My only issue with APMEX is the shipping is expensive compared to other sites, but it is timely. I'd recommend APMEX to anyone, but definitely shop around because there are deals to be had on other reputable sites.

Reliable Dealer

Feb 05, 2013 by Robert Gremillion

We have used Apmex for years, mostly for silver bullion. They are a reliable dealer with fair market prices. Their products are well packaged and you get a discount by paying via check. Highly recommended.

High Shipping Cost

Feb 05, 2013 by Kevin

The only reason why I give APMEX a 4 star rating is that there is high shipping cost, with no discounts for the smaller collector/buyers that are buying from them. Dont get me wrong, the shipping is fast though. When it comes to the product, every coin i got from them is beautiful.

First time buyer - wish I didn't

Feb 05, 2013 by rhalliwell1

I made my first ever PM purchase form APMEX - 5 maple leafs. At the time I thought the amount I was paying over spot to be normal but I now know that this is not the case - nevermind you live and learn. Other than their prices everything else was easy, smooth transaction, easy website, easy delivery. I often use their site to see what I could sell silver to them for but I don't plan on buying from them again.

Great Site for Bullion & More

Feb 05, 2013 by James Goldstein

I made my first large purchase using Apmex.com. I was extremely happy with the great customer service I received. After a few phone calls with their lovely staff my bank wire transaction was approved and my order was shipped (free of charge). After 4 business days I received several boxes which I eagerly opened, exactly as I had ordered.
Thanks Apmex!
Plus they also sent me a holiday card!

APMEX is a go to dealer

Feb 05, 2013 by Brian

I've just started collecting, but on all the forums I've ever been on related to gold, silver, and coins, time and time again APMEX came up. They have an amazing reputation online, so I figured I would give them a go. They were everything I had hoped, and I couldn't have been happier with my purchase.

The only cons I see about this business, is their prices and shipping prices. They are a little on the higher side, but you pay for the quality of service.

Compare Silver Prices Online , USA 3.9 5.0 35 35 I have ordered many times from Apmex. Sometimes they ship in a reasonable amount of time but there have been several orders that have taken SEVERAL WEEKS after they got the wire tr


  1. I have enjoyed Apmex with dozens of orders over a few years period. They were the first and only dealer I had the courage to deal with. I enjoyed free shipping having earned a platinum status with them. I found there reasonable although not impressively quick to ship. They held my checks for maximum periods although clearing was instant. I have found them not to be as competitive as most other dealers online for buying, but they are one of the few dealers who will purchase, and that has value to me being that someday I will want to sell some of my purchases. Probably one of the most established and reputable dealers there are, especially having there own issue of bullion. Highly recommended but you can usually save a percent or 2 with other dealers.

  2. In my judgement, Apmex (bought from them for more than $100K over the past 10 years) is one of the best online dealers. The quality of their packaging and the reliability of their service is in my opinion worth the small premium they charge over the competition. After 10 years of dealing with them, I have never had any complaint. But I had many returns with other online dealers. I finally decided to play it safe and to deal only with Apmex. The additional peace of mind is in my opinion worth the small additional premium. I can not follow the previous reviewers of Apmex. These reviews are in my opinion biased.

  3. I’ve placed several orders with APMEX and had nothing but great experiences. I always order at least 25oz of gold and/or 500oz of silver each order, so I get good prices (within $1/oz of best price for gold, and $0.02/oz for silver) and never pay for shipping. Plus, delivery is always just 2 or 3 days (except for large silver orders, which are shipped by ground and therefore take close to a week). I’ve always paid by wire-transfer.

    After reading other reviews and checking their claims, it does appear customers who buy small quantities of gold or silver can get somewhat better prices elsewhere, and sometimes save on shipping. This doesn’t impact me, but might impact you. I much prefer the APMEX product selection too, though I never buy odd, rare, fancy or sophisticated items (I pretty much stick to 1oz gold pamp bars, 1oz buffalos, and attractive but super-low premium 1oz rounds and 10oz silver rounds and bars).

    For people like me, APMEX can’t be beat. For small orders, they may be a bit more expensive than the 2 or 3 cheapest suppliers (based on reviews of other dealers in this website). But APMEX is huge, and gives every indication they are highly dependable, which matters very much to me on such important transactions.

  4. I have been purchasing products from Apmex for years and find them outstanding. With bullion dealers going out of business, you have to be very carefull who you order from. Prices are important, but delivery is everything.

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