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  1. Could not post reply to give information on the 5oz liberty bars

    Here is the info: For sure these are old Liberty Mint from Morton Texas. old style loaf bullion bars, these are from way back

  2. Texas PM has a minimum order of $1000.00, not sure why that would be listed on this great page I do not believe the rest of the companies listed have a minimum order.

  3. I’m a frequent and happy customer of, can you include them in the list so it’s easier to compare prices?

  4. thanks for the great website.

    but there is a small error.

    you list a price category “1 oz Chinese Gold Panda”, but it is actually a 30g coin.
    1oz is 31.15g

  5. just curious if you have any ideas why silver is so cheap if it’s so hard to find (in bulk). My old professor used to preach supply/demand so I would expect the price to soar. thx and sorry to bother you with dumb questions!

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