Deadline to submit price: End of today (May 7th)

It’s your favorite game… GUESS THE SPOT PRICE! Alright guys, Bernank here, I am feeling pretty generous this week, and depending on the response may consider it a weekly affair.

Whoever comes closest to the actual spot price for this Friday’s close, well, Bernank will mail you a 2011 Canadian Maple Leaf. As long as it isnt like $20 bucks just for shipping or anything… but I swear on my honor this is legit,
so let me put in my guess (and a rationale as is always welcome):

^ Because we traded there last week, and I fully expect this week to recover last week’s losses. Based on the the CoT, the interest and demand for /si at this level is forcing The Morg to once again provide the Offer on these contracts (by adding new shorts) to keep the price from having huge pockets where it could gap up very easily, if Sprott et al. combined to execute a 1,000 lot order at market for instance to really beat up the shorts.

Anyways guys at these price levels I am very bullish remember how quickly silver can go up (hint: just as fast as it goes down!) personally I think (and hope) I undershot the ending price by 65 cents but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Place all guesses here BY THE END OF TODAY (The 7th) and on Friday after the market close I will announce contest closed, and calculate the winner. I will then private message the winner to get the shipping address. Submit by the end of the 7th! Let’s see where The Vampire Slayer ends this week.

-Cordially, Bernank Shmuelle Rockwell

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