Once again the masters behind the curtain got together in secret to discuss the future of the United States Economy. GDP? Not growing fast enough. Inflation? Not high enough. People not in the work force? Too low.

The answer? Continue as normal.

Nothing to see here folks.

Interestingly Bitcoin, the digital currency, has been trading very much inline with silver and gold as of late, in a descending trend. What’s more interesting, is that the spread between “white” exchanges like Bitstamp, BitFinex, and Huobi, and “black” exchanges like BTC-E has surged to nearly 4% — a curious $20 spread between regulated and unregulated markets.

Whether or not Janet Yellen will push rates into negative territory is irrelevant. What is clear, from the latest backroom discussions and UStream’ed public farces is that business will continue as usual.

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