1 Oz A-Mark Stacker Giveaway – Spot Price Contest

1 oz amark stacker giveaway

Go HERE to enter


Congrats to Pailin (1 cent off) at TFMetalsReport.com for winning last week’s CML contest. Also Congrats to Rafyy of /r/Silverbugs(4 cents off) who in a close second, who will be receiving a gem BU 1964 kennedy half.

Let’s get this going again, hopefully by getting it posted tonight there will be more time for everyone to respond by Monday’s close.

Objective: Guess what the spot price will be on May 18th, 2012 for the present month silver futures contract.

Deadline: All guesses accepted until end of trading on Monday, May 14th.

Closest guess to the close (First prize) will get a 1 oz A-Mark stackable loaf round.


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